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Series Overview:
God has a plan for our lives to be sold out and ALL IN on the Jesus mission but in order accomplish that, His followers need to take steps to become financially free.  We’re calling this series Elementary because the steps we’ll take are not Rocket Science, they are not some complex financial scheme that only those good with numbers can achieve.  But rather, the steps are elementary, available to everyone and based on the best selling book, The ABC’s of Financial Freedom.

Week 1 – Attitude
Big Idea:  There are attitudes that the majority of people in America have about money and generosity.  And at first glance, these attitudes “appear” to be right, just like the scripture says, but sadly, these attitudes can lead to the death and destruction of our finances and our generosity.

Week 2 – Bondage
Big Idea: If there is ever an adversary to financial freedom and being ALL IN on the Jesus mission, it’s the bondage of debt.

Week 3 – Choice
Big Idea: Living with relentless financial pressure, bills, burdens, and the bondage of debt are the consequences of many of our own choices.

Items Included
•    Sermon Manuscripts in MS Word
•    Small Group Guide with Leader’s Guide in MS Word and PDF
•    MP3’s
•    Series Graphic Files (Layered PSD, AI and JPG files)
•    Service Flow for each week
•    Powerpoint for each week
•    HD Bumper Video



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