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Hope For Everyone


Series Big Idea

This series will examine the lives of the people who played a role in the very first Christmas. No matter the circumstances they faced, there was always a reason for hope. Hope for everyone!  Includes 4 weeks of content plus a Christmas Eve message.

MESSAGE 1 – Hope In Disappointment

  • Big Idea: Even when things don’t go our way, we can remain hopeful because of the hope Christ brings.
  • Scripture: Luke 1:5-25, Luke 1:57-80 – Zechariah & Elizabeth

MESSAGE 2 – Hope in Disruption

  • Big Idea: God brings purpose to our lives in the most unexpected disruptions.
  • Scripture: Luke 1:26-56 – Mary

MESSAGE 3 – Hope in Distress

  • Big Idea: God is with us wherever we go, so we do not need to be afraid in any situation or circumstance.
  • Scripture: Matthew 1:18-25 – Joseph

Christmas Eve  – Hope Has Come

  • Big Idea: Just when it feels like all hope is lost, Christmas reminds us that hope has come and his name is Jesus.
  • Scripture: Luke 2:9-11 – Jesus

MESSAGE 4 – Hope for Everyone

  • Big Idea: We, as the church, are to be carriers of God’s hope. We have an incredible opportunity to bring his hope to everyone!
  • Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12, Luke 2:8-20, Genesis 12:1-4

Items Included

  • Sermon Manuscripts in MS Word
  • Weekly Discussion Guide with Leader’s Guide in MS Word and PDF
  • MP3’s of each message
  • Service Flow for each week
  • Series Graphic Files (PSD and JPG files)
  • Powerpoint for each week
  • Series Bumper


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