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Love Where You Live


 Series Big Idea

What if you begin to view your city not just as a place where you live, but a place where you have been sent? No matter how you feel about your neighborhood or community right now, the truth is God does have a purpose for placing you there. This series is a good “Invite and Include” series that points everyone to invite friends and family members to join you at church.

MESSAGE 1 – Consumer vs. Contributor

  • Big Idea: We are not spiritual consumers; we are spiritual contributors. The church does not exist for us, we exist for the world. Jesus has sent us to help people find their way back to God.

MESSAGE 2 – Isolation vs. Relationship

  • Big Idea: Because God is relational, we are relational. We are not wired for isolation but sent into the world to cultivate relationships.

MESSAGE 3 – Comfort vs. Calling

  • Big Idea: Comfort can be very good, but comfort becomes a problem when it is seen not as a gift but a destination. To live out our calling as “sent,” there are times when comfort has to go.

Items Included

  • Sermon Manuscripts in MS Word
  • Weekly Discussion Guide with Leader’s Guide in MS Word and PDF
  • MP3’s of each message
  • Service Flow for each week
  • Series Graphic Files (PSD and JPG files)
  • Powerpoint for each week
  • Series Bumper


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