My Story – Messages in a Bundle



Series Big Idea
Every Christ-follower has a story of transformation, and that story has three main parts: starting, stopping, and staying.

Series Overview:
My story, the story that God’s Spirit wants to write in my life, starts a new way of life that begins, a new direction that starts. And for that new direction to really get me anywhere, I need to stop some things that were part of my old life. But that’s not all. My story goes on as I stick with what has started and stopped in my life despite the obstacles and frustrations along the way.  We’ll look at Ephesians 5:1-16 as an inspiring template of the story of transformation in our stories, and we’ll parallel this with the story of the prophet Elisha from the Old Testament.

For some, my story will be a story of transformation that revolves around marital problems, or substance abuse struggles, or career choices or dating lives. But whatever the particular focus of my story, it will sooner or later include starting being a person who is learning what it means to be a Christ-follower, saying “no” and putting behind my things that have no place anymore in my story, and then continuing on in following Jesus when the “going gets tough”.

Session 1 – I Started
Big Idea: My story starts with committing to follow Jesus in living a life of love and service in every area of my life.

Session 2 – I Stopped
Big Idea: My story calls for me to put things that don’t fit in my story anymore behind me and out of my life.

Session 3 – I Stayed
Big Idea: My story includes persevering in the face of discouragement and obstacles.

Items Included
•    Sermon Manuscripts in MS Word
•    Small Group Guide with Leader’s Guide in MS Word
•    MP3’s
•    Service Flow for each week



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